Micropost: Treasure Chests

Part of a treasure room:                  

Micropost: Drain pipe

By itself:         In level with added particles:

Micropost: Cave mushrooms

Pixel mushrooms in a few different color combinations:           Mushrooms in level:      

13th Age Character Sheet Generator

[Link to my 13th Age Character Sheet Generator] I have been taking part in a 13th Age campaign for the past 6 months or so. It is a really cool system that I would highly recommend anyone interested in Pen & Paper RPGs to check out. As the story of our party has been developing,…Read moreRead more

Drools Netbeans Plugin

Having become fed up with Eclipse, I’ve found myself using Netbeans for my day-to-day work more and more in recent weeks. As a replacement IDE for Java development I’m pretty happy with it, though the one thing I found lacking was support for the Drools rule engine. While you can certainly create rule files in…Read moreRead more