Fixing gluUnProject in Android Froyo

Lately, I’ve been working on a new Android app which will make use of 3D graphics. The Android SDK provides its own implementation of OpenGL ES which differs between Android releases. Since my current phone runs Android 2.2, I’m stuck with that release for the time being, and it looks like the version of the…Read moreRead more

Implementing a feedback system for Android Apps (Part I)

I have been rather unhappy with the mechanism that the Google market provides to get user feedback from android apps. Aside from some basic statistics on the total and active numbers of installations, you get reports on uncaught application crashes and freezes – if the user decides to send an error report to Google. These…Read moreRead more

Wishlist for the Android market

My latest Android app has been on the Android market for about 3 months now, and while the site works fine in most cases, in this time I have come to miss a couple of features that I feel would improve the experience both for developers as well as users. First and foremost, I think…Read moreRead more

On Android Services

For the latest release of SharePlay, my media player for network shares, I wanted to get rid of a fairly annoying bug that I was encountering more and more whenever I was using the app for longer periods of time: sometimes, after playing a number of songs, playback would just stop without any indication of…Read moreRead more