September 2012

Javascript Canvas Raytracer

Check out this demo I’ve been working on in my free time over the past months. It’s a simple ray tracing engine written in Javascript using the HTML5 canvas element. I’m considering adding support for multiple threads in the future to improve the rendering speed, but the basic rendering is now implemented.

Two-way remote backup using rsync

After a recent hard drive failure, I decided to revisit the backup strategy I employ in my local network. While you can find a lot of different OSS solutions for this these days, I prefer the simplicity of rsync. In the following, I will describe how to use it to set up file synchronization between…Read more

From LDAP to Samba

While my days of system administration are mostly a thing of the past, from time to time I miss getting my hands “dirty” with some real’ Linux work. As was the case when I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS box to Samba domain controller. Mainly, I was interested in having a single login…Read more