13th Age Character Sheet Generator

[Link to my 13th Age Character Sheet Generator] I have been taking part in a 13th Age campaign for the past 6 months or so. It is a really cool system that I would highly recommend anyone interested in Pen & Paper RPGs to check out. As the story of our party has been developing,…Read moreRead more

“The end of an era” or “I cannot believe I actually played through this piece of crap”

Ultima IX – Asccension is the only title of the classic RPG series which I actually bought at the time of its release. I remember playing it for a little while, but ultimately (ha!) I didn’t have the patience to complete it since it crashed about every two minutes. Also, at the time of its…Read moreRead more

On Exploring Tamriel

Last week numerous sources reported that Skyrim, the latest title in the Elder scrolls series, does not only contain the landmass for the eponymous province it is set it, but also those of previous titles such as Morrowind, Cyrodil, and Hammerfell. Since the player is normally not able to reach any of these areas, there…Read moreRead more

From Darkest Dungeons, to Deepest Space!

I was reading the keynote speech Richard Garriott gave at last week’s GDC Europe, and realized that while I had played some of his more recent titles, I had yet to experience his original claim to fame: Ultima I, first released in 1980, and then later recoded and re-released as Ultima I: The First Age…Read moreRead more