SharePlay is a media player for Android devices to connect to DAAP shares on the local network. The app currently supports a number of Open Source DAAP servers, such as Rhythmbox, Tangerine, and Firefly.

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  1. Good app.
    I’m currently using daap-client, but your app seems to find servers on network more quickly and the caching of songs is very nice, especially on servers with many songs. all take makes it a very fast daap client app. The only thing I would like is wav file support. As Flac is not supported by iTunes, I got my mt-daapd server to transcode Flac on the fly to wav, so wav support would be appreciated.

    1. That should be possible – I’ll have to check if there are any issues with wav-playback on Android, but otherwise I’ll try to get it into the next release. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hi Ben, i downloaded your app but it seems it does not work with itunes. Don´t know if i am doing some crap here but, i already disabled firewall, put the itunes stuff on the allow lists, ports too… and still nothing.

    Is there anything i could make ?
    tks !

    1. Apple introduced a proprietary encryption mechanism starting with iTunes version 7 which prevents any application other than iTunes from connecting to shares over the network. If you are running any version more recent than that, SharePlay will not be able to connect – or for that matter, any other DAAP player out there that I know of.

      You might want to give a free DAAP server a shot: Tangerine works for me, and is supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  3. Hi – interested in giving your shareplay app a go but was a little put off by the permissions including “phone calls” – can you explain why the app needs this access level?

    1. Hi Al,

      the reason for why the app requests this permission is that it needs to stop audio playback whenever you make or receive a phone call. With this permission, it receives a notification from android in case of these events.

      It’s unfortunate that the android market labels it as “phone calls” since this does not actually permit the app to make calls to anyone. The actual documentation (which I don’t expect many end-users to read) is more precise and states that this permission “Allows read only access to phone state.” (

      I hope this doesn’t prevent you from checking out the app.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply and explanation. I’ll try it soon. I agree a less scary permission for some sort of phone audio state only would make the sdk better. Anyway thanks again.

  4. Hi Ben, i downloaded your App and it is really great that the song database is saved on the device so I don’t have to scan more than 12000 songs every time! There is only one more thing I would like: Searching for songs. Thank you very much!

    1. Glad you like the app. You can actually already search for songs: if you have a device with an actual keyboard, just go into the song list and start typing, which will filter by name. If your device doesn’t have a keyboard, hit the “Search” button on your phone, which should bring up the virtual keyboard.

  5. SharePlay 0.93 on LG Thrive w/ Android 2.2.2 finds server (Firefly Version svn-1696 on NetGear ReadyNAS Ultra), gets “Error connecting to share”, then stops unexpectedly.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I will try to get a firefly server running and see if I can reproduce this issue. I’ll post here once I find something.

      1. I was able to reproduce your issue: it looks like the different DAAP servers implement the protocol slightly differently, and I had only tested playlists with Rhythmbox. The error is fixed in version 0.95 of the app which should become available on the Android market shortly.

        Thanks again for pointing out this error.

  6. Hi Ben,
    I am having similar issue as Keith. Runing version 0.95 (although info button shows it as 0.92, application manager shows it as 0.95). My server is mt-daapd , version, runing on headles Linux box that was originally NSLU2 from linksys. After running synchronization, application shows “Error connecting to share”

    1. Hi Roman,
      I found a copy of your version of mt-daapd, and was able to reproduce the error. I will have a fix for this in the next release (0.96). Currently, I am trying to finish up some other features, but with some luck I’ll release it to the android market after this weekend.

      Thanks for pointing out the issue!

  7. Hi Ben,

    First of all great app. Love it’s simplicity.

    One thing, any chance of adding scrobbling support?

    Best regards.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. The Last-FM app is all I needed.

        I am now up and running streaming music in my loft when I work up there connected to my Cambridge Audio amp.

  8. Would it be possible to change the home directory where Shareplay saves the Downloads. Would be nice to directly Download to the Music folder.

    1. The problem with that is, that there is no default music folder that is common to different Android devices. You should be able to store music anywhere and then run the media scanner to have it available in the music player application.

  9. Hi ben,

    I really like your app,
    Actually i think i would like it 🙂

    But it doesn t seem to work with
    Firefly svn 1586

    It says that an error occured

    If you like i can try and see if i can find the log files
    From the server.

    Grtz Dennis

    1. Dennis,

      I tried reproducing your error, but I was only able to build versions and of Firefly, not the specific svn build you have. Needless to say, I didn’t see that particular issue.

      Can you try running your server with debug logging (command line: mt-daapd -d 9) and send the log files to ben at afqa123 dot com?


  10. Hi Ben,

    just wanted to say that i like your shareplay app, however i keep changing between your app and Daap player.

    and here’s why:

    Unable to play from a server over the internet. Because it does not allow for non ip adress host names to be added. This makes using a service like no-ip with your app impossible. for instance if i use the app tells me i did not enter a hostname or ip adress. DAAP player has no problem with this.

    Other things i would love to see included are:

    When pressing the back button multiple times the player stops playing if i reach the apps home screen (share select screen) which is very frustrating. At least add a confirmation popup to prevent this.

    No search function! very difficult to find songs when using a really big database.

    other than these gripes shareplay is my default daap player at home since the UI is a lot better than “DAAP Player”.



    1. Hi Thomas,

      you’re right – there seems to be an issue when adding a server-address with a port number – I’ll have that fixed in the next version of SharePlay. Until then, you can just leave out the :3689 part. When you manually enter a server, it will default to port 3689.

      Further, there is a search function: when you are connected to a share, just press the “Search” button on your phone. For phones without a keyboard, this will how the virtual keyboard, so you can filter the list by name. Alternatively, if you have a device with an actual keyboard, just start typing and filter the list of Artists / Albums / Songs that way.

      Hope this helps.

  11. I installed shareplay on my nexus7
    Shareply detect my firefly server.
    I can listen some but not all songs ?!
    for several mp3 files, I receive the message “An error occurred, please try again!”
    If I can’t listen a song, all the songs of the album are also unjoinable
    Are there format, codec, rate, meta data … that shareplay can’t decode ?
    Thank for your help. apart this bug your application is very good.

    1. Hi Yann,

      I’ve found that in a lot of cases what formats are supported depends your device and version of android. One thing you can try to see if this is an issue with Shareplay or your device is to “long click” on a song that doesn’t play. This will bring up a dialog to download that song to your local storage. After it has finished, see if you can play it directly, or if it still gives you an error.

      Feel free to shoot me an email, if this doesn’t help.

      1. Thank you for your help, Ben
        After a long click on a song, I pressed “download”. The screen display the message “Dowloading song to home directory”. Circle animation is spining … but the process never stop! I stop it by a clic on the screen. This Happend with a song I can or I cannot listen ?!
        More curious : songs are finally transferred to my nexus … but in booth cases (song I can/cannot listen with shareplay) I cannot listen transferred songs with VLC nor google play music ?!
        Any idea ?
        Thank you

        1. That’s very strange. What version of firefly are you using? I can try to set up a copy of it this weekend to see if I can reproduce your issue.

          Also, what format are the files in? I’ve seen issues with some types of encoding (OGG if I remember correctly) before on Android.


          1. Hi Ben
            I use firefly Media server installed inside the D-link DNS320 NAS firmware (V2.03). Firefly version is svn-1696. The TCP port is 3668. Shareplay detects firefly automatically

            Is there, with shareplay, a limitation to 100 000 songs ? My Firefly server stores 102300 songs.
            Another precision I missed : the download process never finished. A file is created on the tablet but with a size of 0 byte! Nothing is tranferred. This explains that song can be listened.

          2. No, there is no limitation on the number of files. I’ll try to install your version of firefly this weekend and will email you with anything I find.

          3. I cleared all tags in a file I could not listen. Afterwards, shareplay is able to access it.

            When some tags are filled (Album, Artwork, genre, comment …) firefly logs these messages
            – Write error: Connection reset by peer
            – Write error: Broken pipe
            Do you think the problem could be linked to ID-tag of mp3 files ?

          4. First of all, I figured out the download issue – I have a fix ready in the next release of Shareplay.

            As for the issue of songs not playing: very interesting find – it could certainly be related to the tags. Would you mind sending me the mp3 that you couldn’t play? Then I could debug the issue further. If that’s not possible, could you let me know what the tags and values were that you cleared?


    1. I will have a fix for the issue ready in the next version, which should be out later this week. Thanks for your help!

  12. Hi
    I added 40 000 songs on my Firefly database installed on a D-link / DNS-320 NAS
    The file songs3.db is now 83 Mo large (firefly manages 151137 songs)
    Shareplay is connected to the Nas (port 3668) and works almost perfect … but several songs are not visible through Shareplay !!
    It’s just as if shareplay made a copy of only a sub-part of songs3.db
    Is that possible ? Is there a limitation (size of database, number of files …) ?
    Thank you for your help

    1. Hi Yann,
      I looked into this issue, and there was indeed a limitation of 100000 songs. I’ve modified the code, and created a new release under Would you mind downloading & installing it to confirm that this fixes your issue? If so, this change will be part of the next release.

      1. Hi
        This new package resolved the issue : I can find the songs I missed before

        There is still something strange. I searched an artist and after a result , I switch in song list
        in the song panel, each song are sometimes listed 3 or 4 times!
        It’s a little disagreement
        Thank you fort your fix

      2. I tried to understand why some songs are displayed 3 or 4 times as result of a search. The issue is not in Shareplay. I must rebuild the Firefly database which contains sometimes multiple references !
        Thank you for your fix about limitation
        A Great improvment of Shareplay could be displaying Album ArtCover. Do you think this capabilty is possible ?

        1. Good to hear that it is working now, and thanks for the suggestion about covers. I’ll need to do some research to see what the options are for that, and then find some free time to implement it.

  13. Hello,
    I am using your app to controll Rythmbox. I am able to connect and I also get the data base on my phone, but I am unable to play anything. I just get an Error: An error occoured. Please try again.

    Any Ideas?


    1. Didn’t see your comment until now – sorry about that. What version of rythmbox are you using? Also, what type of media file are you trying to play?

  14. Hi Ben
    I bought a new android device (ASUS K011) and one of the first application I installed is SharePlay.
    I updated songs from itunes database but at the end of the synchronization, many artists/albums/songs are missing. It’s very strange ?! My old Nexus device has the whole itunes’ content but the ASUS K011 has not.
    Tell me what you need to resolve this problem
    I can launch all commands you want and send to you the results/traces

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hey Yann,

      I’ve uploaded a build of Shareplay with additional logging enabled. Can you uninstall the current version from the device and then install it from ?

      Try running it and do a catalog update. This will create a log file on your device under /sdcard/shareplay.log. If you can send that to me at ben at afqa123 dot com I’ll take a look and see what the issue is.


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