Replacing the Ubuntu network driver

(Update 10/15/2016: There is now an updated version of the driver package available on Github. Some of the changes described in the following post are no longer necessary) I’ve been running a Shuttle mini PC for the past few years as a low-power Linux server / NAS. All was peachy, until I started noticing that…Read more

Two-way remote backup using rsync

After a recent hard drive failure, I decided to revisit the backup strategy I employ in my local network. While you can find a lot of different OSS solutions for this these days, I prefer the simplicity of rsync. In the following, I will describe how to use it to set up file synchronization between…Read more

From LDAP to Samba

While my days of system administration are mostly a thing of the past, from time to time I miss getting my hands “dirty” with some real’ Linux work. As was the case when I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS box to Samba domain controller. Mainly, I was interested in having a single login…Read more

Reflashing a WRT54GL

I have been happily running a Linksys WRT54GL router with an open source firmware on my home network for the past few years. Last weekend I tried to get an OpenVPN client installed to connect my network with another. No problem I thought – all it should take is to install the package using the…Read more