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I have been taking part in a 13th Age campaign for the past 6 months or so. It is a really cool system that I would highly recommend anyone interested in Pen & Paper RPGs to check out.

As the story of our party has been developing, it appears that we have come to the end of the line for my trusty, if slightly dim-witted, Half-Orc rogue. While he may yet live to see another day, for the time being he will have to leave the party and make room for someone more morally aligned with the other adventurers. So, I decided to get out my players’ handbook and roll up a new character. While that process isn’t terribly complicated, I felt it would be nice to automate some of the more tedious computations involved in filling out a character sheet.

A quick search revealed that while there was already an Excel spreadsheet that did a lot of what I wanted, it was lacking a nice UI that would let you print a character directly from the web. So, I figured it was time for me to implement just that!

Here we are now, a few days later, and I’ve got a hosted version up, as well as the source code available on my Github repository.

At this point, it is possible to print a character sheet directly from the page. Also, you can save the character to a file and later load it back up to modify it. In addition, I have got the following things implemented:
– All classes and races from the core book as well as the 13 true ways expansion
– Ability scores
– Defense values
– Attack values for standard attacks
– Hit points and recoveries
– Racial Power and Class Features

I know there is still some work left to be done: specifically a lot of feats and abilities that change character stats are not yet implemented. I’ll be testing the system for my own characters in the next few months and try to fill in the missing pieces. As usual, comments and suggestions for improvement are very much encouraged.

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  1. I created a Human Chaos Mage. Going to play-test her tomorrow night for the first time. The class is from the expansion book, 13 true ways, which has some more complex character options available. There’s a lot of randomness to the effects spells and abilities have, so I’m hoping it’ll be interesting.

    Anyways, I’d definitely recommend checking out 13th age – the mechanics (one unique thing and backgrounds) make for some pretty great story-telling.

  2. I really appreciate this generator! Thanks for making it. I’m making up a handful of characters for a intro game for my friends, and this really speeds up the process.

    1. Great to hear that you found it useful! Aside from my own character, I’ve been using it to make one-off characters for people that wanted to check out the game as well.

      Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions…

  3. Hey, really liking the generator, but I have spotted one issue with it. Monks are unique in that they get to select two different attributes to get a +2 in, but the generator doesn’t reflect this. It would be easy enough to ‘fix’ by editing the starting attributes, but that’s a bit sloppy.

    1. Good catch! I’ve updated the sheet to reflect that special ability. I’ll have to give the Monk another look – maybe I’ll roll one up for my next character…

      1. Any chance you could make the Class Features and Recover Roll sections editable at all? It would help with classes like Druid, where a lot of these things are variable via class talents and the like.

        Again, thanks for making and updating this, my group and I are finding it quite convenient for managing characters.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve made most of the top sections (Defense, Attack, Recovery) editable. Word of warning though: you will want to fully create your character before making any changes, because any time you modify the base stats or properties (class, race, etc.) those fields are automatically reset to the default values. I don’t know if there is a good way of preserving the customizations while also automatically calculating the initial values.

          I’ve also made the Class Features editable, with a similar caveat – changing any stats will reset the list to the class default, except of the last 4 rows, which are never reset. So, if you want to add custom class features, I’d recommend putting them there.

          At this point, I’m almost wondering if I should redesign the whole sheet into 2 sections with automatically generated fields and override values for each property which are then merged into a single final sheet…

          1. Alright, thanks for how quickly you made those changes. Seems to work fine as long as I keep in mind to change all of it last. It’s not ideal as you pointed out, but it works well enough.

            A redesign could make everything more smooth, I’m sure, but unless there’s something absolutely glaring, doesn’t seem like it’d be necessary. What I might do is make documentation for these caveats in the main post, as to not expect people to go to the comments to figure these things out.

  4. I know that you’ve not worked on this in 13 ages, but I think that the number of feats the commander gets is wrong. Shouldn’t it just be 1 feat per level?

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